Design, manufacture, inspection and testing of:

  • From ‘build to print’ to full Turnkey Package
  • Vessels, tanks and heat exchangers for reprocessing & new reactor build
  • Fabrication & machining services for nuclear sites
  • ILW container, box & drum manufacture in batch and volume quantities
  • Equipment for high active waste reprocessing

Metalcraft have been a manufacturer supporting the UK nuclear industry since the early 1980’s. We have supplied vessels, tanks & other medium to large stainless steel fabricated and / or machined items to sites including Sellafield, Capenhurst and Springfields. Metalcraft have traditionally supported the reprocessing sector but are now developing the new reactor build and decommissioning sectors.

The tanks, vessels and heat exchangers that Metalcraft supply are generally in stainless steel, however we can produce vessels, tanks and heat exchangers in a range of materials including carbon steel, exotic alloys, aluminium, etc. The vessels, tanks and heat exchangers are produced to a range of customer, national and international standards to meet the particular requirements of the site.

During the 30 plus years we have been involved in the nuclear industry, in addition to the vessels, tanks and heat exchangers, we have supplied a number of bespoke medium to large fabricated and machined equipment in stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminium.

Metalcraft have the necessary fabrication and machining capabilities on site to manufacture vessels, tanks and heat exchangers for nuclear applications, we also have a range of inspection, NDT and testing facilities for vessels, tanks and heat exchanges. On the decommissioning sector, we are applying our significant knowledge and expertise in the nuclear sector to ILW boxes, ILW containers and ILW drums.

We have completed studies on ILW boxes, ILW container, and ILW drums on the manufacturability. We have capabilities to supply  fabricated ILW boxes, ILW containers, & ILW drums and also cast ILW boxes, ILW containers, & ILW drums. Metalcraft can produce ILW boxes, ILW containers and ILW drums in carbon steel, stainless steel and SG Iron or ‘Ductile’ Iron.

From our experience in both the nuclear sector and pressure vessels for oil and gas, we have the necessary skills, knowledge and experience which will be required for pressure vessels on new reactor builds. Our pressure vessel experience in both carbon steel pressure vessels and stainless steel pressure vessels will enable Metalcraft to be ideally suited to produce pressure vessels on new reactor builds.