• Full product lifecycle manufacture and support.
  • Application of APQP & PPAP techniques for prototype development and introduction into volume supply.
  • Supply chain development to provide customers with a fully integrated solution.
  • One off, batch and volume manufacture of Vacuum Vessels, helium pressure vessels, magnet formers and cryostats for medical & research applications.
  • Stator Frame manufacture for medium and large IPP products.

For more than 20 years Metalcraft have provided an end to end capability for small and medium batch manufacture of medium and large fabricated and machined products for high integrity, safety critical applications. During this period we have developed specific techniques and processes for NPI and volume supply against customer MPS requirements.

We are fully conversant with APQP & PPAP processes for development and introduction of new products and also deploy techniques such as JIT, KANBAN, Kaizen, etc. to ensure that our customers are provided with very high levels of quality, delivery and cost performance.

Metalcraft manufactured the pressure containment and structural support components for the first MRI scanners in the world. Since that time Metalcraft have supplied around 50% of the world’s installations with both pressure and vacuum containment parts along with key structural support components.

From these beginnings almost 30 years ago, Metalcraft have developed and deployed both in-house and industry standard techniques and processes for management of the full product lifecycle. We are fully conversant with APQP / PPAP processes which are used for both new product development and the transition of manufacture into volume. We use JIT / KANBAN / Kaizen / Consignment Stocking and a number of other techniques to ensure that our customers’ demands for On Time In Full (OTIF) delivery are achieved.

In recent years, we have developed our volume capabilities into a number of new sectors including Power Generation, Nuclear and Big Science. These new strands of volume business have built on the processes and procedures in place and have been secured due to maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction with our existing volume customer base. These capabilities coupled with the ever growing technological and engineering improvements being constantly made in our project work enable Metalcraft to remain at the forefront of volume manufacture for our current and future customers.

With the development of our Chinese manufacturing facility devoted solely to our volume customers’ products, we are able to offer our customers a truly global capability to satisfy the logistical and commercial demands. The Safe LOw Cost (SLOC) philosophy provides our customers with the benefits of global value sourcing coupled with the strategic support from our UK base to ensure that a seamless transition of manufacture of volume products can be achieved. The technical, quality and delivery performance are maintained by the extensive support capability within the Metalcraft organisation in the UK.