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Do you know someone who has a passion to go into Engineering?

Do you know someone who has a passion to go into Engineering but are stuck between A levels and university commitment, wanting to do a degree in Engineering but lacking experience and a proper understanding of the subject suffice to make a well informed decision on exactly what area to focus on?

If you are interested, you would need to attend an interview here at Chatteris and have a look around our dedicated apprentice school. This is where you would be based for the 3 months. We are able to offer 2 placements commencing 18th April 2017.

Do you know someone who has a passion to go into Engineering?

On our part we can offer:-

  • Excellent practical training with very experienced people
  • A dedicated practical training environment in our academy
  • An accreditation from the Metalcraft Academy  as an “Associate Engineer” (or similar)
  • A great practical common sense understanding of the basics of manufacturing that few other engineers of today enjoy before going on to learn the theory
Do you know someone who has a passion to go into Engineering?

What we expect in return from the students:-

  • Work hard and enjoy
  • Learn and remember
  • Act as an ambassador to Metalcraft and this programme
  • Remember us… we might need help one day wherever they are
  • They must  go on to be a great engineer in whatever engineering discipline they choose – make us proud
  • To provide good detailed feedback on the programme suffice for us to improve for next year
  • Provide a report-out to the management team at the end of the training and they will do the same
  • Be proud of what they have achieved

Please get in touch with Jayne Buttriss – j.buttriss@metalcraft.co.uk or 01354 692391 for further information.

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