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Metalcraft have a long and proud tradition of providing both financial & non-financial support to local organisations, but we now have a more structured approach established.


We ensure that all eligible organisations have the opportunity to apply for funding to help maintain a diverse range of organisations can continue to develop and grow within the Cockermouth community.

Quarter 1 - 24

  • Kings Church (Amplify) - donation towards camping/catering equipment
  • Bodyfit Running Club - donation towards setting up a Park Run in Cockermouth
  • Cockermouth Linking Lives - donation towards equipment for a new Administrator

Quarter 4 - 23

  • Cockermouth Community Hospital league of friends - donation to purchase equipment to assist patients in the rehabilitation unit
  • Mary Platt Pre-School - donation towards purchase of climbing equipment
  • Greysouthen YFC - donation to purchase tug-of-war boots

Quarter 3 - 23

  • All Saints CE Primary School - to supply materials and design/manufacture of a scooter/bike rack at the school

Quarter 2 - 23

  • Cockermouth Titans ARFLC: donation towards kitchen equipment
  • Cockermouth Wasps RUFC: donation towards video technology

Quarter 1 - 23

  • Cockermouth Live!: Donation towards music workshop at the event 30 June - 2 July 2023
  • All Saints Community Rock Squad: Donation towards recording an album
  • Europe Prize Scholarship Fund: Donation towards trainee bursary

Quarter 4 - 22

  • North Lakes Foodbank: Donation towards the cost of a microwave and microwavable containers
  • Kirkgate Arts and Heritage: Donation towards the cost of kitchen equipment.


Quarter 3 - 22

  • Amplify (Kings Church): Funding towards purchase of a dishwasher
  • Christian Centre: Funding towards a refrigerator to assist food bank

Quarter 2 - 22

  • Osprey Cheerleading Academy: Funding towards purchase of a tumble track
  • Cockermouth 1st Scouts: Funding towards a kitchen refurbishment
  • Cockermouth Carnival: Sponsorship of shields for the event

Quarter 1 - 22

  • Cockermouth Linking Lives: Funding to help towards holding a games/social event
  • Cockermouth Wasps: Sports ground flood lighting
  • RSPB: Nesting boxes

Quarter 4 - 21

  • Cockermouth Mechanics Brass band - soprano cornet

Quarter 3 - 21

  • Cockermouth Town Council - jubilee picnic entertainment
  • Mary Platt Pre-School - oral health educational toys

Delayed due to the COVID pandemic, we were pleased to hold a number of in-person presentations during October; related news article: Six Cockermouth groups benefit from community fund | Times and Star

Quarter 2 - 21

  • Rotary Club - money and help towards a tree of remembrance 
  • Cockermouth Heritage Group - funding for exhibition

Quarter 1 - 21

  • Kirkgate Arts & Heritage - money donated to go towards a family crafts workshop
  • Civic Trust - donation for the trusts anniversary leaflets to be made
  • Cockermouth Senior Football Team - portable goals

Quarter 4 - 20

  • All Saints School - funds to go towards outdoor improvements 
  • Flood Barriers Project - apprentices to make secure lockable box 
  • Highfield Community Association - donation towards to shelving units 

Quarter 3 - 20

  • Cockermouth Junior Football Club - foldable goal posts
  • Cockermouth Cricket Cub - facilities upgrade 

Quarter 2 - 20

  • After School Scheme - donation towards a new school shed
  • Emergency Response - funding for a projector 
  • Methodist Pre-School - funding for training in sign language 
  • Amateur Rugby League Club - new water urn for the club

Quarter 1 -20

  • Fund donated in its entirety to North lakes foodbank due to COVID-19 

Cockermouth, Cumbria Community Fund Launch


4th February 2020 marks the date for our Cockermouth Community Fund launch. Just like our local fund this will benefit non-profitable organisations to further opportunities within their community. 

Quarter 2 - 21

Metalcraft's Community Fund donation to Cockermouth Heritage Group was used to purchase a display hanging system. 

Recently used for the Jubilee Exhibition and the week before by pupils of Cockermouth school to display their art work.


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Click here to download the application form, to be filled in and returned to Metalcraft.

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To be eligible to apply for funding from the Metalcraft Community Fund organisations must be based in Cockermouth and a ‘not for profit’ organisation operating for the benefit of the local Cockermouth community.


  1. Funding is only open to ‘not for profit’ organisations based in Cockermouth.  National charitable organisations may apply on the understanding that any monies pledged would directly benefit Cockermouth.
  2. A total of £2,000 funding is being made available by Metalcraft split equally over quarterly periods for this first financial period.  Quarterly periods are end of March, June, September and December.  Unsuccessful applicants can re‐submit in the next quarter.
  3. In the event that suitable applications are less than £500 in any one quarter the residual value will roll over into the next quarter.
  4. The minimum application is for £50, the maximum is for £500.  Metalcraft at it’s sole discretion, may provide funding at a reduced amount from that applied for.
  5. Only one successful application will be allowed for each ‘not for profit’ organisation in any one 12 month period.
  6. All applications must include a detailed cost breakdown and an indication of how the money applied for will be spent.
  7. Metalcraft will review the level of funding available after each 12 month period, funding could increase or decrease subject to business financial performance.
  8. Metalcraft reserve the right to withdraw funding due to extreme business issues or other event which would cause Metalcraft to be unable to continue to finance the fund.
  9. All entries will be reviewed by at least four members of the Metalcraft Cockermouth Community Fund committee (current Committee members: 1 Metalcraft Management Team, 1 BECBC shadow board member, 3 Cockermouth Town Council).  The decision of the committee is final.
  10. Funding is made available for specific projects rather than on‐going organisation running costs.
  11. The criteria for funding will be reviewed annually and any changes to the criteria will be made available via our website.
  12. All entries must be submitted by the published deadline for each quarter and submitted on the template application form available on our website.
  13. All entries consent to be involved marketing and publicity in relation to the Metalcraft Cockermouth Community Fund.
  14. Successful applicants must have a representative available to collect the funding in person and consent to taking part in publicity pictures and the like.
  15. All successful applicants will receive awards via cheque made payable to the name of the organisation within the application on completion of the project.  Projects should complete within 12 months or must have started within 12 months of the award, receipts will be required as evidence.
  16. All applicants must provide truthful and factual information on the entry application for funding.  In the event any funding is granted and information comes to light that indicates the applicant hasn’t submitted truthful or factual information, Metalcraft reserve the right to take action to recover awarded funding
  17. Metalcraft expect all recipients of funding to maintain high levels of professionalism within their organisations
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