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Metalcraft has been a specialist manufacturer of medium to large products and equipment for over 150 years. We have supplied pressure vessels, tanks & other medium to large stainless steel fabricated or machined items to customers all over the world.

  • ‘Build to Print’ to full Turnkey Package
  • Pressure Vessels, tanks and heat exchangers
  • Vacuum Vessels
  • Medium & large fabricated and machined products and equipment
  • Design, Project Management and supply chain expertise
  • Total solution for engineering issues
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Metalcraft has traditionally supported a wide range of industry sectors with the manufacture of products and equipment for high integrity, safety critical environments.

The services we offer range from a ‘Build to Print’ from our customers’ specification to full turnkey packages.

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Extreme Engineering

From pressure hulls for submersibles and diving bells operating down to more than 500m below the ocean surface to telescope mirror coating plants located in the Atacama Desert operating at more than 2,500m altitude. From large high precision helium containment vessels operating at 4 Kelvin for big science experiments to high-level nuclear waste processing crucibles in exotic materials operating at over 1,000° C.

In House Manufacturer

Metalcraft has significant expertise in the manufacture of a wide range of medium to large components and equipment to high precision for safety-critical environments. Whether it be internally or externally loaded pressure vessels, vacuum vessels, cryostats or complex fabricated and machined parts, Metalcraft has the capabilities in house to complete most projects.

Full Engineering Project Management

We can provide a full project management service from the development of your design through manufacture to installation and commissioning at your site anywhere in the world. Metalcraft has the engineering and manufacturing capabilities to turn your concepts into reality.

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