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Metalcraft have supported the diving and submersible industry for over 20 years during this time have developed a number of manufacturing techniques necessary for the manufacture of externally loaded pressure vessels and pressure hulls.

  • Submersible pressure hulls
  • Decompression chambers
  • TUP chambers
  • Hyperbaric lifeboat pressure hulls
  • Hyperbaric Chambers
  • Pressure Hulls for Diving Bells
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The pressure vessels which Metalcraft manufacture at our UK site can be internally loaded pressure vessels or externally loaded pressure vessels dependent upon the operational requirements. We supply pressure vessels in a range of materials from basic carbon steels, through to high tensile steels, stainless steel, exotic alloys, high nickel alloys and aluminium.

Metalcraft can manufacture to a wide range of pressure vessel standards, including PD5500, ASME, AD Merkblatt, CODAP, Stoomwezen, EN 13445, and more. Metalcraft have been manufacturing pressure vessels on our UK site for over 100 years and during this time have developed a wealth of knowledge and experience on the manufacturing techniques necessary to effectively and efficiently produce pressure vessels to the highest standards required by the sectors we serve.


Pressure equipment for diving

Metalcraft have been a manufacturer of pressure equipment for over 100 years. We have supplied pressure hulls, pressure vessels, & other medium to large stainless steel fabricated and / or machined items to customers all over the world.

TUP systems manufacturer

Metalcraft have produced a number of pressure hulls for submersibles and pressure hulls for diving bells, we have also manufactured vessels for decompression systems and transfer under pressure (TUP) systems.

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