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Mr Martin Lawrence
Mr Ian Bannister
Mr Kelvin Boyce
Mr Christopher Duggan
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Mr Martin Lawrence

Metalcraft Commercial Director

Born in Chatteris, Martin joined the company as a Technician apprentice in 1986 and became a director Jan 2013. Martin helped with the set up, and chairs, the Metalcraft Community Fund. Martin is passionate about supporting young people and apprenticeships and is a STEM Ambassador. Yet another example of Metalcraft’s ‘home grown’ management.

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Mr Stephen Buttriss

Metalcraft Sales Manager

Born in Chatteris, Stephen joined Metalcraft straight from school in 1977, over 41 years ago, as a plating apprentice, he has worked his way through various departments of the business gaining a great knowledge of the business and its production. Stephen now heads the Sales Department and is the first contact with potential customers. Stephen is an example of ‘home grown’ management.

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Mr Ian Bannister

Metalcraft Managing Director

Ian joined the business in 2016 following a successful career in both Engineering/Manufacturing and appointed as Managing Director in January 2021. He has worked in Nuclear Operations at the Sellafield Reprocessing Plant in Cumbria. He is a Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and has been involved in ‘Formula Student’ with Liverpool University and is also a STEM Ambassador.

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Mr Kelvin Boyce

Metalcraft Technical Manager

Kelvin joined the business in 2001, initially as a Senior Production Engineer, Lead Engineer, Managing Engineer and then in his present role of Technical Manager since 2014. He has 35 years experience in Technical Engineering supported by sound academic background.

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Mr Christopher Duggan

Metalcraft Programme Director

Chris joined Metalcraft in 2015 to manage the 3m3 Box contract for Sellafield. Chris studied Mechanical Engineering in Dublin, Ireland before moving to the UK in 2012 to work as a Mechanical Design Engineer. Chris then progressed into Project Management working on numerous projects for high profile customers in the Oil & Gas and Energy sectors. Since joining Metalcraft Chris has overseen the design, development and implementation of the 3m3 production line and has helped to secure a number of additional significant Box contracts with Sellafield.

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Mr Martin Johnson

Metalcraft Conformance Director

Born in Chatteris, Martin joined the business in 1986 as an apprentice in the conformance department, Martin completed his apprenticeship and continued to work in the department, and became a Company Director in Jan 2013. Martin was instrumental in the set-up of the current apprentice school/programme. Martin is another example of Metalcraft’s ‘home grown’ management.

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Our Leadership Team Standards

Together, proudly building our future.


  • Trust each other
  • Maintain confidences
  • It is okay to make honest mistakes once, learn from them
  • Be frank with feedback
  • Respect others


  • Embrace change
  • Concede battles to win the war
  • Don’t let perfect get in the way of progress
  • Open to new ways of thinking/doing
  • Adapt rapidly
  • Let go of lost causes quickly


  • Openness at all levels
  • Take time to listen
  • Talk more, email less
  • Align to target audience
  • Solutions first, problems second
  • Stay positive, act positive
  • Focus on the future state
  • Little and often
  • All inclusive
  • Timely and regular feedback


  • Empower others to make decisions
  • Passionate – believe in what we do
  • Encourage and reward
  • Provide and support training and development at all levels
  • A no blame culture


  • Right first time, on time
  • Set clear objectives
  • Provide visibility of results
  • Do what we say we will
  • Never shy from difficult decisions


  • One team (no politics)
  • Solicit ideas and input from outside of the team
  • Present a united front
  • Regular team meetings
  • We all stand behind the team’s decisions/ commitments
  • Celebrate successes
  • Consult the team
  • It’s ok to agree to disagree
  • Never let a team member struggle alone
  • Fun – enjoy our work
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